Technical Ability

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Technical Data

Bryan Materials Group has the experience and technical background to supply high specification and difficult jobs. Our background in engineering has enabled us to service the construction community with the knowledge required to help projects run smoothly and efficiently, while developing new concrete products and applications to service a specific need on a given project.

As technology continues to improve, we are able to extract real data from our various operations in order to track and improve our processes and environmental impacts.

In conjunction with the advancements in technology we hold firm to our roots in that we know our products better than anyone. A true hands-on approach is better than any computer model. Our team of people are exceptional and take great pride in our materials. For the past five generations we’ve produced quality products in an environmentally cognizant manner and we will continue that approach for every generation that follows.


Aggregate Certification Letters

Glenwood & Rook Station Terminal

Neville Island Terminal

Georgetown Sand & Gravel

Tri-State River Products


Concrete Certification Letters