Hard Work, Real Value

Since 1883

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A Family Business.
A Pittsburgh Tradition.

This is a story of our company that began with one horse and wagon over 135 years ago. It’s a story about the rich history of Pittsburgh and how we helped shape it.

It’s the story of our people that have made everything possible. The commitment and pride to their profession has been the lifeblood of who we are.

The story of where we work. The places we’ve come to call home and the history that lives inside.

It’s the story of what we do and the diversity of our operations.

Generations of forward thinking, risk taking, hard working people have set the stage for the business today. With a continued passion for what we do and a firm foundation in lessons from our past, we are excited and optimistic about the future.


Who we are…

We are a concrete, aggregate and precast supplier, that has been shaping some of the largest projects across Western Pennsylvania since 1883.

In addition to manufacturing, we also provide the full range of marine transportation and logistic services at our many strategically located river and rail terminals.

Driven by over 135 years of hands-on experience,

we pride ourselves in serving customers with uncommon integrity. Leveraging the most innovative technologies and environmentally responsible practices, we strive to deliver high quality materials to our customers.


a company of

Uncommon Integrity



Our mission is to integrate our past experience with the collective ability of our workforce to provide materials that are of the highest possible quality, utilizing the latest available technologies and environmentally responsible practices. We value in equal measure our employees, our vendors and our customers, who provide the effort, the talent and the commitment that enables us to serve the construction community with uncommon integrity.


Our goal is to shape the cultural awareness of the products and services we provide, which are essential building blocks for the sustainability of modern society. Value is not only based on the sole properties of a product, but also based on the relational properties and interactions it has with society. It represents a philosophical ideal that is more than just the instrumental value of a good or service.

For over a century, we’ve recognized the inherent value of our goods and services. We provide real ‘concrete’ value that is expressed in terms of durability, aesthetics, safety, and sustainability. Our products are at the core of our city, from the foundations to the skyline.

It requires a joint commitment on the part of suppliers, producers and contractors to provide and preserve the integrity and reliability of our products which have been acknowledged as such throughout history. 

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We take great pride in our employees and their commitment to their profession. Each company within our organization requires specific roles to be filled.

We boast some of the most talented professionals in the industry. Tow boat pilots, concrete technicians, dispatchers, mechanics and drivers are the root of who we are as a company.

The commitment these individuals put forth on a daily basis has allowed us to operate for as long as we have.

These are our people, the foundation of any successful company, grounded by honest work, refined by noble profession and aged by stories of years gone by.



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