Family History

since 1883

Frank Bryan Shovel 1941.jpeg

established in 1883

One hundred and thirty five years ago “Pittsburg” was in the center of an area booming with industrial growth. The rapid development of the iron and steel industry was creating an explosion in building commerce and transportation.

The hills surrounding the city were being mined at a feverish pace to fuel the sixty some separate glass plants and countless coke ovens. The rivers and valleys were jammed with barges, wagons and materials being muscled about by men and horses.

In 1883, in this chaotic setting, Frank Bryan set up his own Company with one horse, one cart and one shovel. The business was excavation. He moved earth, one shovelful at a time, for foundations and roadways. His stock in trade was hard work and value.

Now, five generations later, his Company has evolved to one of the leading construction material suppliers in Western Pennsylvania.

The history of his Company is an integral part of the continual rebuilding and growth of Pittsburgh. Among countless projects, Frank Bryan Inc. has dug the foundations for Pittsburgh’s first Renaissance and is vigorously involved in pouring the foundations for the next ones.

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Thomas (Tink) Bryan passed away in 1998. During his time in the third generation we saw growth like we’d never seen before.

Growth that was founded on HONESTY, HARD WORK and RELATIONSHIPS. He was an exceptional worker and mentor who left shoes much too big to fill. His leadership and vision for the company provided the FOUNDATION for the success of Bryan Materials Group today.

The values and work ethic he embodied will be passed down to future generations.



Projects from our Past


the history of

River Sand & Gravel

Dravo #16 Dredge.jpg

“The story of river sand and gravel really started many thousands of years ago in the ice age. Retreating glaciers left mountains and valleys, they also left virgin sand and gravel deposits beneath the new born rivers. The beautiful Ohio, storied in song and fable, lays an indelible imprint on the pages of American history. It’s broad bosom carried the flatboats and rafts of the pioneers who opened up the west.”

Back in 1948 Dravo Corporation published this educational video on the production, transport and use of river sand and gravel. Over 71 years later we are still operating the same equipment, in the same regions.

In the mid 90s we acquired Dravo’s basic materials division, much of which can be seen in the video. With many upgrades to the systems and controls we can operate fuel efficiently utilizing the vast river system in our area to harvest and transport raw materials. Seen in the video is Tri-State River Products #16 bucket dredge, the William L. Price dredge.

The concrete plant is now Frank Bryan Inc. in downtown Pittsburgh. It is still the keynote plant in Pittsburgh. Major modernization we done in the 1960s to add additional interior bin capacity and a central mix drum to increase production and storage capacity.

There is something to be said for the longevity of the equipment, the ingenuity of design and the roots from which many of our operations were founded.