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Our concrete plants service Pittsburgh and surrounding areas including the Beaver Valley and airport. We have the ability to supply highly technical jobs as well as small flatwork contractors by tailoring each mix to the customer’s specific needs. Our concrete plants are PennDOT, NRMCA, City of Pittsburgh and Army Corps of Engineers certified. We can supply a variety of concrete mixtures, composed of the highest quality materials and meeting some of the most difficult standards in the industry.

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Concrete Concepts, Inc, located west of Pittsburgh in McKees Rocks, is a PennDOT and NPCA approved precast facility currently serving the tri-state area, and stretching into New York, Maryland, Virginia, and Indiana as projects and customers prescribe. The facility pro- duces a variety of products and serves many sectors of the construction industry. We have a team of talented professionals that allows us to grow and adapt as precast becomes a more integral part of our region’s infrastructure solutions.

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Our aggregate divisions harvest sand and gravel from the reserves in the Ohio River. The material is harvested using some of the most fuel efficient dredging equipment. Sand and gravel is then loaded onto barges for delivery to specific river terminals or to our Neville Aggregates Terminal for offloading and re-distribution via truck.

Along with the sand and gravel, our aggregate terminals provide a variety of limestone products to the market. Material can be picked up at our various terminals or delivered directly to the jobsite.

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We operate several tow boats that make regular trips up and down the river system in our area. A lot of the material transported is for our network of companies but we also contract services to other customers. In conjunction with our towing services, we can provide a secure landing for barges at our Georgetown river terminal.

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Boasting a fleet of tractors, pneumatic tankers and flatbeds, Bryan Logistics hauls bulk cement powder and delivers finished precast across the state. With the inception of Bryan Logistics, we now have the ability to haul more of our own products and vertically integrate our operations.

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Bryan Materials Group has the experience and technical background to supply high specification and difficult jobs. Our background in engineering has enabled us to service the construction community with the knowledge required to help projects run smoothly and efficiently, while developing new concrete products and applications to service a specific need on a given project.