The Gardens

The Gardens at Market Square is a hotel and parking garage located on Wood street in Market Square. The contractor on the job was Mosites Construction.

The project was unique in that there required a large volume of lightweight concrete and post tensioned concrete for the parking garage deck. The post tensioned concrete enabled us to utilize our maturity testing and differential curing box like we did on the 100 7th Street project several years ago. With additional technology in the controllers, we were able to update the box to a fully automated PLC with data storage and calculation capabilities. The PLC would take temperature readings of the structure and cylinders at set intervals and perform the maturity calculations. This allowed the contractor to monitor the maturity and strength development in real time as the concrete cured. Once the target maturity value was reached, we could remove a cylinder for the controlled curing box and break it to determine actual compressive strength.

The project was ultimately a success and provided us another opportunity to work with a first class contractor while utilizing some of our technology to improve the overall project.